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In Forgetting Sarah Marshall, a despondent, lovelorn Peter — played by Jason Segel — walks into a Hawaiian hotel and resort and sees an angel: Rachel (Mila Kunis) sent from heaven by way of the Ukraine and Los Angeles. At the front desk check-in, Rachel causally offers Peter POG juice, a line easily overlooked without the closed captions.

POG juice, it turns out, is a the official drink of Hawaii, sold by the gallon at Costco and virtually everywhere, all over Hawaii: papaya, orange and guava juice, created in 1971 by a food product consultant in Maui.

While the green drink Rachel presents Peter looks more Senior Curaçao than authentic Kahuku, we consulted a random blog to find a POG recipe, then added a splash of that to a flute of champagne: a welcoming drink for the weary, heartbroken traveler, just the thing to lift your spirits after flying halfway across the Pacific Ocean, with the appropriate at any-time-of-day quality of a mimosa.

The Concierge
The Concierge

The Concierge Cocktail

  • 5 oz Cava
  • 1.5 oz POG (pineapple can be subbed for papaya, according to the internet)
  • Pour in flute or wineglass, can be served on ice for a cool refreshing beverage

Listen to the Forgetting Sarah Marshall episode here.


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