Annie Meets Alvy — Annie Hall

Joey, Amanda, and first-ever guest Kate Digby Skinner dive into the wonders and nostalgia of Annie Hall in the latest podcast episode.

La-di-da. I lurff you. Let’s just kiss now and get it over with. Annie Hall is full of nostalgia: Joey reminisces about film school, Kate describes her own celebrity encounter and too much time is spent discussing Amanda’s driving.

As promised, a Youtube clip of baby Joey acting in the recreation of an Annie Hall scene. We Need the Eggs: Annie Hall at 40. The quintessential Annie Hall listicle. Diane Keaton’s memoir and how to get that Annie Hall look. On a more serious note, Dylan Farrow’s letter to the New York Times and a thorough breakdown of the Woody Allen allegations.

Don’t forget to mix up Amanda’s La-Di-Da cocktail to sip alongside this cinema classic. 

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