Rachel Meets Peter: Forgetting Sarah Marshall

This week on YHMAH, Joey and Amanda watch Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and somehow manage to review a Judd Apatow movie before a Penny Marshall, Woody Allen, Rob Reiner or John Hughes movie.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall







But writer/star Jason Segel is a relatable, flawed lead opposite both Kristen Bell as the titular Sarah Marshall, and Mila Kunis, the babely customer service lady; Forgetting Sarah Marshall is a gem. Not only because it’s the first taste of Jason Segel’s Muppet obsession, but it’s a sad break-up movie with a hilarious all-star cast that will keep you laughing and maybe even crying.

Joey and Amanda try to guess which of them is the bigger sad sack, and Amanda needs more information about Rachel’s (Mila Kunis) plans for going back to college before she can decide whether Rachel and Peter stay together. 10/10 would recommend watching again.







Further reading/watching:

That recipe for POG juice. Roger Ebert mentions Jason Segel’s full-frontal twice in his glowing review. Mila Kunis also had a difficult adjustment to living in LA. Amanda’s favorite ukulele song. Jason Segel’s GQ interview does not include a 007-esque photoshoot like so many of their cover stories. The obligatory Forgetting Sarah Marshall listicle. In addition to the all-star cast, Kristen Wiig’s scenes only appear on the extended cut. Some adorable ingenues created a Forgetting Sarah Marshall drinking game.

And don’t forget to make our movie-specific Concierge cocktail. 

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Do Rachel and Peter restart their romance in LA, or was it just a fling? Let us know what you think!


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