Carrie Meets Charles: Four Weddings And A Funeral

Joey and Amanda watch Four Weddings and a Funeral, which leads them to speculate about which of their friends would’ve hooked up at their nonexistent wedding reception.

Amanda enjoyed the expletives, Joey enjoyed the structure. And the end montage leaves little to the imagination as to whether Carrie and Charles live happily ever after–luckily settled into their lives before Trump, before Brexit.

Further Reading:

26 of the first 45 words in this movie are a derivative of the f-word. The obligatory FW&AF listicle. A 20-years-later celebrates the film’s little moments in between. BBCAmerica takes a gander at where are they now?  Surprise, Hugh Grant doesn’t believe in marriage. The mansion from the movie was recently up for sale. And just a reminder from Lindy West that Love, Actually is actually the worst.

And, of course, don’t forget to make Amanda’s Stop All The Clocks cocktail while you watch.

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Do Carrie and Charles live a life free of (relative) drama or is there more to come? Let us know!


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