Jane Re-Meets Jake And Then Meets Adam: It’s Complicated

We watch It’s Complicated starring Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin, and Steve Martin.

It's Complicated

Joey and Amanda watch It’s Complicated, and contemplate the certainty of their future, whether Meryl Streep and Steve Martin will elope in Ireland, and whether having a cafe/catering business is indeed profitable. Copious tears were shed leading up to this recording. But also, so many people in this movie have been in so many other cool things!

Further reading:

Nancy Meyers discusses her design inspiration. Speaking of, here’s the real interior vs. soundstage interior of Jane’s house. Nancy Meyers kitchens, ranked. The birth of Retrosexing. In addition to “You were pissy,” here are a bunch of other things to not say to women, basically ever. Alec Baldwin vs. Steve Martin IRL. And two reviews from trusted advisors A.V. Club and Roger Ebert.

Don’t forget to make Amanda’s Home Sweet Home cocktail while you watch.

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