Loretta Meets Ronny: Moonstruck

Amanda and Joey talk about the beloved Oscar-winning rom-com starring Cher and Nicolas Cage.


Released in 1987, both Cher and Olympia Dukakis took home Academy Awards for their performances in Moonstruck. It’s a film that was always on in the Esposito home, and although this was Amanda’s first viewing, she agrees it’s an absolute classic.

Joey and Amanda discuss Joey’s flashbacks to his grandparents’ house, the effortless charm of John Mahoney, and the culpability of Johnny Cammareri in his brother Ronny’s hand accident and why Uncle Ray and Aunt Rita were the best.

Further reading on Moonstruck:

Legendary movie critic Roger Ebert says  Moonstruck is a romantic comedy founded on emotional abandon and poignant truth. An industrious fan put together a comparison of the Brooklyn Heights scenes, then and now. Nicolas Cage wasn’t psyched to play Cher’s love interest. The A.V. Club muses on his performance and the flawless John Patrick Shanley script. An ode to Cher’s hair and a little book of Nicolas Cages. And a fun-fact listicle because why not.

Don’t forget to heat up some pizza bagels and prepare Amanda’s Brooklyn Heights cocktail to drink along with us!

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Are Loretta and Ronny doomed to bicker for the rest of eternity? Probably, but do they love it? Let us know!


2 thoughts on “Loretta Meets Ronny: Moonstruck”

  1. From go to woe, this is friggin’ delightful. More romcoms from Joey and Amanda, please! For what it’s worth, I really hope Loretta and Ronnie made it to forever.

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