Mya Meets Zeke: Think Like A Man

Joey and Amanda watch Think Like a Man, an ensemble comedy which follows a group of clueless guys and the women who trick them into relationships.

Think Like a Man

Joey is hugely offended when Kirsten (Gabrielle Union) guts the apartment she shares with Jeremy (Jerry Ferrara) of all his nerd stuff. Amanda relates to changing her behavior to find the kind of lasting relationship she wanted, ie, not being introduced as “a friend.”

Additional reading:

This is director Tim Story’s love letter to Culver City. The movie gets criticism from a black feminist. And Roger Ebert. That restaurant in the movie that Joey & Amanda keep talking about but haven’t been to YET. Meagan Good wrote her own book about relationships.

But Gabrielle Union’s book looks more fun. After Birth of a Nation, she could use a win. Kevin Hart might be bigger than Oprah, but Chris Brown is still a piece of shit. Somehow, TLAM beat Hunger Games at the box office. Romany Malco, who you might remember from Weeds, answers some insane fan questions.

Don’t forget to make Amanda’s The Nightcap cocktail while you watch.

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