Annie/Joanna Meets Dean — Overboard

Amanda and Joey revisit Garry Marshall’s 1987 rom-com starring comedic power couple Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell.


We’ve run into this situation a few times so far on this podcast, where we revisit a “classic” of the genre with great concern that what we’ll find is a movie that doesn’t quite hold up.

Whether it’s misogynistic or homophobic or a combination of things, it’s always hard to revisit a movie that you loved as a kid only to discover that, hey, maybe it’s kind of fucked up now that you’re an adult and know better.

Thankfully, despite some occasional icky-ness, we agree that Overboard mostly holds up. There are some parts that made Joey squirm, but in general the Russell/Hawn dynamic is so charming and the characters so likable that it’s hard not to enjoy it. Plus, there are just some damn good jokes. 

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Mix up Amanda’s Elk Snout cocktail before you watch.

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