Diane Meets Lloyd: Say Anything…

This week on You Had Me at Hello, Joey and Amanda watched Say Anything, starring John Cusack, Ione Skye and John Mahoney.

Say Anything

Released in 1989, Say Anything follows two unlikely lovebirds the summer after they graduate high school.

In this episode, they discuss how not wanting sell anything, buy anything, or process anything as a career is a worthwhile attitude, and basically the pathos of every aspiring writer. Amanda drops a truth-bomb on Joey about Lloyd and his platonic BFF Corey, and they both agree it was highly inappropriate for Bebe Neuwirth’s character to show up at that high school party.

Further reading:

The listicle of television shows parodying the boombox scene (worth the click). This was the actual song playing during Lloyd and Diane’s intimate backseat moment. Did you spot the cameo by Homer Simpson’s voice? A few fun facts about the movie that were neither bought, sold nor processed. Corey was obsessed with Joe IRL. Purple Passion is also a real thing. Say Anything inspired a myriad of pseudo-punk/emo bands’ lyrics, song titles, and band names. Here’s a fun Vanity Fair interview with John Cusack from a few years ago. Let’s not forget Ione Skye is also Ann’s mom in Arrested Development (her?). Meanwhile, Cameron Crowe still finds time to write for Rolling Stone.

Time to take a swig of Amanda’s Theory of Convergence cocktail and meet Lloyd Dobler.

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Are Lloyd and Diane still together? Or do they grow apart? Maybe Lloyd and Corey?! Let us know!


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