Emily Meets Kumail — The Big Sick

This week, Joey and Amanda tackle The Big Sick, currently in theaters nationwide.

The Big Sick

The conversation veers towards crying cues, the importance of representation in Hollywood, movies other than the Big Sick, and the perseverance of John Wick.

Because The Big Sick is based on the story of a real-life, very much still married couple, Joey and Amanda did not, in fact, speculate about whether these two would stand the test of time. We’re guessing the movie’s critical and box office success will only help.

Further reading:

Kumail replies to tweets about The Big Sick. A nice little piece with Anupam Kher, who plays Kumail’s father. That episode of WTF with Marc Maron that Kumail and Emily appear on. Here’s a lovely profile of Kumail and a peek at the making of over at the New Yorker. But Aditi Natasha Kini, at Jezebel, doesn’t love the portrayal of brown women. Read this interview with Holly Hunter and picture Elastigirl is responding. An older interview with Zoe Kazan on life and love.

Don’t forget to mix-up Amanda’s The Big Sip cocktail.


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