Kathleen Meets Joe: You’ve Got Mail

The Nora Ephron classic stars Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan, Greg Kinnear and Parker Posey.

This week on You Had Me at Hello, Joey and Amanda watch the modern classic, Norah Ephron’s You’ve Got Mail, and toast Kathleen and Joe with 152 Insights, our special cocktail of the week.

This movie has everything: the Cranberries, Parker Posey, internet dates, mistaken identities, broken hearts, New York City, capitalism and a cute-as-hell golden retriever named Brinkley.  Amanda cried three times and Joey, for what it’s worth, got super excited every time Brinkley was on screen.

The discussion veers towards whether Kathleen and Joe stay in New York, how the hell Joe Fox, discount bookstore mogul, manages to get a #boatmodem and how all these early internet throwbacks bring back so many memories.

Some fun links to explore:

Joe Fox is a real person. What we imagine Joe and Kathleen’s life to be like, sorta. In 1998, New York residents were very disappointed to learn that Fox Books was not a thing. YGM: an alternate (feminist) ending. Vanity Fair did an oral history of the movie that makes us all warm and fuzzy. The LA Times interview with Tom Hanks about why he is mostly kinda serious these days. The You’ve Got Mail website has remained intact all these years and it’s crazy to think we even ever lived on an internet like that. The AV Club muses on why we love looking at old websites. 

Here’s the trailer for the movie, which is its own bit of nostalgia in and of itself:

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What did you think of You’ve Got Mail? Are Joe and Kathleen still together? Do you remember the first time you met someone on the internet?


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