The Different Hole | Enough Said

In one of the scenes of Enough Said, Eva says “Drinking is overrated… I mean underrated.” And that is one of multiple scenes in this movie where they’re drinking wine. And so I knew I wanted to make a wine cocktail, but as it’s summer, I felt like maybe a cool-down was also in order.

When Toni Collette’s character was rearranging furniture, and then confronted by her husband saying that he would like to “fill her hole,” and Eva says “different hole…” I knew immediately that it would be the inspiration for this prosecco popsicle — because it’s literally filling a different hole…

…the popsicle mold.

The Different Hole

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The Different Hole Cocktail

  • 75% frozen mango
  • 25% prosecco
  • splash of peach schnapps
  • Blend and freeze


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