The Big Sip | The Big Sick

Joey and I are doing Whole 30, and then we watched The Big Sick. Have you heard of this? It’s a crazy diet and social experiment and marriage tester. But it means we are actually going mocktail the week with a little sun tea.

Plus, something about sitting by the bedside of the person you’re in love with, while they’re in a coma, probably means lack of sleep, a lot of worry, and no alcohol on hospital premises, really makes this mocktail sound like a great change of pace for us.  

The Big Sip

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The Big Sip Cocktail/Mocktail

  • Three bags of your favorite fruity tea. We used Tazo Wild Sweet Orange, but that old classic Mandarin Orange Spice by  Celestial Seasonings reminds me of late, underage nights at Denny’s.
  • A quart mason jar, filled with cold water.
  • Leave it outside for 24-48 hours. Add generous squeeze of lemon and pour over ice. Enjoy!

(And if you want to level up here, might I remind this recipe for a boozy Arnold Palmer, using sun tea)

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